What must be, not what could be

I had a conversation with one of our designers at Wunderlist. We spoke about a new feature he was working on and he was seeking advice on how to prioritize certain ideas over others. At one point my response was: “Don’t let your team get carried away in ‘what could be built’, but focus on ‘what must be built’.” Designing a product is exciting and will inevitably lead you to an…

Must-read Books for Designers

Two years ago I published an article with a few book recommendations on what to read. Back then I started curating a list of books I read and think are important if you want to develop a well-rounded design expertise. I will continue curating more books and update the list from time to time, so please feel free to leave a comment with books you think should be on the list.

Type, Face & Character—Why you’re wasting a lot of potential in your product

Typography is a design discipline that is categorized as either “elitist” or “boring” depending on where you’re coming from. It is a topic that everyone seems to be interested in, but when you look at how many people actually care about it in their daily business, it seems to be a minority topic. Typography is this weird field where you have a whole bunch of rules about how to set…