Hi, I’m Ben.

Thoughts on business software

There is a lot going on in the B2B software market these days. The new big thing are “consumer-like” B2B services. That makes me wonder. Because I don’t see any difference between business and consumer people. We only try really hard to create one. We are all humans and we all work the exact same way.

So, why do business processes have to be complicated? Why should business software be more complex? Or less emotional? Or lacking beauty?

Imagine what would happen if every corporation would optimize its business processes around software that people love to use! Or if they would focus on ease of use, instead of telling themselves that “it’s not so easy to simplify this process”—Happiness would increase tremendously and thereby overall productivity. Moreover, people would feel emotionally rewarded which boosts their motivation and makes them more likely to repeat their action. That’s exactly what every business wants, right?

As human beings we like things to be simple, especially when we need to spend the whole day with them. We enjoy emotional stories and we want to be happy. We want to achieve goals and feel rewarded. Most of today’s business software are creating the exact opposite experience. But we are still using them, because we are used to. And because we optimized a vast amount of workflows around software that is actually broken from a pure human perspective.

So, instead of being scared of changing existing environments, we should focus on educating corporate culture, improving processes and humanizing software. It goes all hand in hand.

It’s simple. We just try to make it complicated.