Hi, I’m Ben.


I talked to two of my friends the other day, one asked me about life and how I manage to succeed in everything I do. I told her that she might have a “wrong” perception and that a lot of the things I’ve done have failed.

At the same day I talked to another friend about self doubts, how exhausting they are and how to finally get rid of them.

The contrast between those two situations made me think about my doubts and how I deal with them.

As a creative person, I think doubt comes for free. It’s kind of built-in to the creative mind. Doubt is best friends with fear, and fear pulls you back instead of driving you forward.

Then, I wondered why I usually never stop creating if I had really strong doubts. Well, I guess it’s because my love and devotion for what I do, plus the reward of creating something is stronger in the end.

Currently I can’t get rid of the doubts, but I can accept them. Embrace them. As long as my will to create is stronger than my doubts, it keeps me going. Keeps me getting better every day.

So, fuck the doubts and keep going!